This Incense Burner Pees Smoke. It’s Brilliant.

Inspired by the classic 1619 bronze Manneken Pis (translation from Dutch: “little pissing man”) fountain found in Brussels, Belgium (and since recreated for gardens all over the world), this backflow incense burner features a little man peeing a solid stream of smoke. Do you need it in your house? Probably not, but it can be purchased on Amazon – it’s a little startup online store created few years ago by some guy from Seattle named Jeff.

Pissing boy incense burner.

You have to wonder what that little guy drank to be peeing all that smoke. We’d guess fire. You know, one time, some guy from Seattle named Jeff ate a ghost chili pepper and almost melted the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. That’s a true story. At least the rumor has it that it’s true. In reality, it is not.

Pissing boy incense burner.

If you already have a backflow incense burner that looks like a waterfall, you already know how cool it looks when the smoke is cascading down like water. You should keep an eye on your incense supply, though. Once you run out of incense cones, you are confronted with horrible stench, because the incense really helped mask the smell of the kitchen garbage you never take out.

Pissing boy incense burner.

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