Funny Reasons Why People Were Unmatched On Dating Apps

As promising as Tinder and other dating apps can be, using them often feels like a constant cycle of matching and ghosting. One moment, you’re kinda hitting it off with someone, the next you’re wondering how can a person be this delusional and borderline insane. Featured below is a list of people explaining why they got unmatched, and it perfectly illustrates the weird reality of modern dating.

A man on a dating app felt the need to tell me because I'm 27 and a woman I've only got a maximum of 5 good years left dating, but because he's a man he'll only get more attractive with age. I said not if his hairline keeps receding. He unmatched me.

i matched w a girl on tinder and her bio said “4’9 with glasses!” and so i opened with “how tall are you without glasses?” and she unmatched :/

I was on a dating app and a guy jokingly wrote “what should we name our first child?” as his intro message and I had to tell him that in fifth grade I lost a bet to my best friend Hannah and have to without question name my first born child Megatron and then the man unmatched me

I put my height in my tinder bio and 6 men unmatched with me.....i’m gonna break into y’alls houses and put all the remotes on top of the fridge

wtf guy on bumble was like

A guy on hinge had a prompt about liking dad jokes so I commented, “what do you call a fish wearing a bowtie?" and he matched with me and replied “lol what?” so I said “sofishticated” and then he unmatched me

Matched with a guy on tinder whose bio was “actor/general clown” & I messaged him & said “General Clown thank you for your service” & he unmatched me. I’m heartbroken

this girl on bumble just asked why i had my feet blurred in photos so i said no free content and she literally unmatched me lmaooooo

I matched on hinge with a guy and one of his prompts was about liking carbonara so I sent him a message about carbonara’s kind of interesting history of being fancy now but originally being a dish created by lower class rural Italians with cheap ingredients and he unmatched me

Someone on tinder just unmatched me mid-conversation because I said I liked ketchup so yes it's going great

if anyone is wondering how dating apps are going, yesterday i matched with a guy on Hinge and he told me he was a Red Wings fan. i told him that’s perfect he matched with me since he’s used to disappointment. he unmatched me this morning

I told y’all i hit rock bottom and am back on dating apps.

i matched with a guy who immediately messaged me and told me he wasn’t gay and then he unmatched me

Once a guy unmatched me because when he asked what kind of dog I had I said a mutt. I like to think it's becahse I didn't say a good dog.

Got unmatched on a dating app for using proper grammar.

I matched with someone on Tinder and they asked me for help setting up their IKEA drawers. I helped. They unmatched. Is this what love is?

i matched with a guy on bumble who had a line in his profile that said that the person who texted him the most was his mom so i messaged him, “no way your mom is also the person who texts me the most” and he unmatched me

girl on tinder asked for my hobbies and unmatched me when i said chess

Throwback to when I matched with someone on tinder...

still thinking about a guy that unmatched me because I didn't know beetle juice was a musical

a girl on tinder asked me “what’s up” and i said “eating a hot dog in bed” and she unmatched me

A guy unmatched me on tinder after I told him I was a comedian, which honestly, really makes me respect him.

Have you ever been unmatched for a weird reason? Let us know in the comment section below!

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