People Hilariously Exposing The Totally Unrealistic Behaviours of Movie Characters

Movies are filled with hilarious clichés that just don’t make any sense, and there is no chance any of them would work in the real world, especially when it comes to professions. Twitter users came together to point out the most ridiculous examples. Scroll down to see if your profession made the list!

Hello, I’m a bad guy in a film, and when I put a usb stick in anything I get it the right way round first time, every time.

Hello, I'm the Eiffel tower in a movie, you can see me from every single window of every building in Paris.

Hello, I'm an alien in a movie and I want to invade planet earth - when I say planet earth, I mean the US.

Hello. I am a person talking on a phone in a film. I never say goodbye when I hang up, and weirdly nobody else in that film ever seems to think that is really fucking rude.

Hello, I am a person driving a car in a film set in a major city. I will find a parking spot directly in front of whatever building I need to go into. I will not drive around the block 70 times while cursing at the top of my lungs nor will I park in a garage six blocks away.

Well, now. I’m the police tech who can miraculously ‘enhance’ that grainy bit of CCTV footage and zoom in so that you can see the killer’s reflection in the victim’s wedding ring. Everything will be controlled by me hammering furiously at the keyboard, and I’ll never hit ‘ENTER’.

Hi, I’m a pregnant lady in a movie. My waters break in a huge gush at the most inconvenient time while I experience my first and very painful contraction. Very soon I push a 3 month old out in one screaming heave. Baby is miraculously not attached to anything.

Hello. I am a mom making breakfast in a film. I serve fresh pastries, fruit salad and bacon rashers on a tableclothed table and juice in a jug. My children never eat it though, they grab a bagel and walk out the door because they're always about to miss the school bus.

Hello, I am a person in a movie who had received a blow to the head with sufficient force to render me unconscious. I will shortly wake up and rub my head briefly. I will suffer no other ill effects.

Hi, I'm a teacher in a film and the bell always rings just as I'm summing up the lesson so I just shout that I want your test papers on my desk by Thursday morning.

Hello, I am a chubby black woman in a movie. I am just here to be your sassy friend with the witty comebacks. Mostly, I'll just say

I'm a military radar technician in a movie and I don't exist until I say

Hello. I’m a computer geek in a movie. I can break into any system by typing random keys extremely fast then shouting ‘I’m in!’ All the while this is happening green text will be projected scrolling up my face. My T shirt has a band on it too.

Hello. I am a person waking up in the morning in a film and I don’t need a wee. Nobody else in that film thinks I’m a medical marvel

Hello. I’m a collection of bills in your wallet. Whatever you pay for - taxi, pizza, bribe, tip - you will never need to look at me, count me, or require change. I am the perfect amount. Always.

Hello. I am a person in a film or TV drama playing a criminal mastermind who harbours an irresistible need to explain my methods and motivation to the story’s hero before failing to kill him/her.

Hello, I’m a grocery bag in a movie. I always have a baguette in me and I’m alway made of paper with no handles.

Hi, I’m a sexy woman who just had sex in a film. I casually put on his white oversized shirt even though getting my own clothes from the floor takes the same time and effort.

Hello. I’m a teacher in a film & my only purpose in the entire movie is to introduce the new kid to my class in a way to ensure that she’s immediately bullied. She’s going to come in late to a hushed class accompanied by the principal for maximum awkwardness.

Hello, I'm a lab scientist in a movie. I wear my hair down in flowing waves, and don no gloves as I handle chemicals with the pipette I'm holding the wrong way. Also test results come in a split second at the push of a button on a miracle machine.

Hi, I'm the doctor wheeling your wife into emergency surgery. I'll let you sprint through the halls of the hospital with us until we reach a particular set of double doors where I will turn to you and say,

Hi, I'm your wacky next door neighbor. I run over to your house whenever I want, shouting

I’m a guy in a movie asking a girl out on a date, she says yes and we part ways smiling, without discussion a date, time, or location for said date.

Hello, I'm a writer in a movie. I write one piece a week and live in a two bedroom New York apartment with a walk-in wardrobe. Also I never actually pitch anywhere, the jobs just come to me.

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