The Funniest Posts From Ryanair Twitter Account

Ryanair is an Irish ultra low-cost carrier. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for with Ryanair. No frills, but a plane will get you from one place to another, and you can manage to save some cash. Along with very cheap flights, Ryanair stands out from its competitors in another way: its completely unhinged Twitter account. We have gathered a list of some of the most hilarious and self-aware posts Ryanair has ever shared. Scroll down and enjoy!

Don't even think about it

Crypto bros yesterday vs. Crypto bros today

We haven't seen Leo DiCaprio in 12 years

And they clap when the plane lands

You're not getting a free flight, Oisin.


Passenger: pays 5 quid Their expectations:

You should fly Buzz Air instead.

Only if you're Ryan Nicey

You didn't learn the first time?

Please don't lick our planes

They would need a pilot license for sure, Michael.

You mean the private lounge?

did you put money in the meter, Mark?

Them: "YoUr fLiGhTs hAvE nO lEgRoOm" Also them:

She's a 10 but she stands still on these

Are we about to kiss?

We'd advise to bring a Red Bull umbrella instead.

You don't understand random seat allocation

we'll provide flights

bend your knees

That's called being unemployed Dan

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