“No Context Brits” Shows Everything That’s Great About Britain

There’s something about British people that draws you in. Perhaps their exceptional politeness, friendliness, or generally just happy-go-lucky attitude. You can recognize a Brit when you see one. Or hear one. And how can we forget? They are also bloody hilarious, and that laughter is so irresistibly contagious. The Twitter account @NoContextBrits shares all things British. But don’t worry, non-Brits will also find this stuff funny. Scroll down and see some of the best examples!

As a fat bloke who loves a good BBQ, I am delighted that Asda now have designated parking spaces for my people.

Where’s the Pride flag?

Level 5 goose warning.

Someone thought long and hard about this design.

Take that criminals.

Honest mistake.

Rod Stewart is looking well.

Great idea!

Studio flat in London to let. £2,000 PCM. No pets.

He's very sorry.

Only in UK.

Piracy is not dead.

The best things in life are free.

British duck.

Everyone makes mistakes.

I know a good company when I see one.


This cat looks like it’s from Salford.

Poor homeless people.

Finally some good news.

Meanwhile in Manchester.

“What’s England like?”

No one: The British Museum:

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