American Tourists Being Oblivious That They’re Foreigners

Stand-up comedian Ginny Hogan, from the US, started up a massively viral Twitter thread about oblivious American tourists after sharing a photo from the airport that stressed to Americans that, yes, they are considered foreigners abroad. Scroll down to see how Twitter users reacted to the photo and the types of experiences that they had with American tourists! Judging by how mush traction this Twitter tread created, people really love to make fun of Americans.

It’s funny to me that they’ve decided Americans are the only ones who might not realize they’re foreigners

I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Had someone pay in American Dollars but not understand why I couldn’t give them American change. I explained we’re in Canada with Canadian currency and he said “no we’re not, this is New Jersey!”

This happened to me once in Vancouver back in 2004. I would accept American currency, but he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that I didn't have American money in the till to return to him as change. My repeated explanation,

In the Paris airport

I used to work in a restaurant in a very touristic place in Paris and had once to explain for like 30min, to a group of unitedstatians that no, we do not celebrate 4th july cause it is a foreign holiday and we do not care about their independence. they were beyond shock.

I worked at a coffee shop in a turistic city of Spain and I had this argument almost every day. One american told me that we had to learn that

I (Brit) used to work in Thailand and I remember talking to this lady (USian) living a life of luxury as a trailing spouse, & she went off on a rant about Mexicans stealing American jobs & not even speaking English. And I was like “…can you speak Thai?” And she was all “That’s

different!” “But…your husband is literally here in Thailand taking a job from a Thai person?” “But it’s not the same! We’re AMERICAN!” “….”

Ill never forget when I took a vacation to Mexico in 2016 and there was this one group of American tourists at the resort who wouldnt shut up about how Trump will be the savior of USA and how badly they needed the wall to keep the illegal Mexicans out of their country

Wait til you find out how many guns Canadian border agents confiscate from Americans who don’t realize it’s a whole separate country with different laws every year.

I was flying between two Canadian cities a couple months ago. Security guard was telling someone to put on a mask... Who starred to rant about the supreme Court blah blah blah. Really tired security guard with all the patience in the world "Sir this is Canada"

I had a store in Old Montreal for a decade and Americans got so mad when we told them there was an exchange rate for US dollars and we legally had to give them change in CND money. SO SO MAD.

On our way home from Spain, we saw Americans who were genuinely confused about which line they should use -- they couldn't grasp that, to the Spanish, the US is just one country among others.

It’s true, in Ireland the number of Americans that stood in the Eu and U.K. line was comical

Reminds me of the video that went around for a while, wirh an angry American lady yelling at a bus driver to go back to China, turns out she's in China, yelling at a Chinese person to go back to China...

My uncle does not understand that France doesn't accept US dollars in shops. This baffles him.

Also saw an American arguing with a front desk person in a Paris hotel, that “I just gave you a hundred dollars! So you give me a hundred euros!!! What kind of scam are you trying to pull here?!!”

Visa problem.

I was a tour guide at the Sydney Opera House and US tourists would try to tip. We don’t really do tipping in Australia and weren’t supposed to accept them but sometimes it was easier to be polite than trying to explain that a single USD is worthless. I have US$38 in a drawer.

While visiting England, my aunt kept wishing everyone "Happy Fourth of July."

Reminded me that once an American veteran asked for a veteran discount... in Australia

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